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Default Quick comparison of Expertise/Mastery

Apologies for the long post. These are simulation results showing an indicative comparison of three characters: Basic, Weapon Expert, and Weapon Master, at three stages of experience: 32 pts, 36 pts, 40 pts. We are comparing the tradeoff of greater ST and DX for the basic fighter with the IQ and other requirements for the Expert and Master benefits. I gave each character reasonable equipment for their level, but for brevity won't give that here (you can ask!)

Rows give win rates for the indicated character (columns the loss rate).

As beginning 32 pt characters, the master is too weak (ST=8) and loses. The other two are close to each other.

...... Bas32 Exp32 Mas32
Bas.32 ----- 0.469 0.849
Exp.32 0.546 ----- 0.687
Mas.32 0.124 0.283 -----

At the 36 pt stage, the Master pulls ahead, but all three are reasonably matched.

...... Bas36 Exp36 Mas36
Bas.36 ----- 0.503 0.427
Exp.36 0.475 ----- 0.375
Mas.36 0.547 0.635 -----

At 40 pts, the Master is firmly the best. At this stage, the Expert and Master are doing shrewd attacks every round. This creates the clear levels of dominance,

...... Bas40 Exp40 Mas40
Bas.40 ----- 0.299 0.115
Exp.40 0.683 ----- 0.181
Mas.40 0.888 0.825 -----

As expected, in other sims, where shrewd blow is nerfed various ways, you still have the basic pattern of Master > Expert > Basic, but not as pronounced. But the thing I found most interesting, is that if shrewd blow option is removed (or just never taken), then dominance changes signficantly, Basic > Master = Expert

...... Bas40 Exp40 Mas40
Bas.40 ----- 0.654 0.697
Exp.40 0.318 ----- 0.561
Mas.40 0.327 0.463 -----

(Not shown: the UCV master defeats everyone handily at the equivalent experience level, even when nerve damage is not simulated.)

Obviously this doesn't qualify as thorough simulation, much less playtesting, but I thought these results were still interesting, and perhaps suggest the expertise rules (unlike UC) work reasonably well.
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