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Default Re: [Modern Firepower] Technothriller gear for secret DHS team in 2017

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
The primary mechanism for slowing down will be hitting obstacles, which will generally be crushing damage. If you're lucky, it will be a bush, gravel patch, or sand. Odds of a head impact are fairly high (higher than random hit locations would give).
That actually sounds like elbow and knee pads combined with a half-helmet might be a lot of help.

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
If you stay on the road, would be mostly abrasion, but you're going to skid a long distance (average deceleration is probably about 10 mph/s, 5s at an average of 25 mph is about 180') which is plenty of time to go off the road and hit whatever.
During that first second at 40-50 mph, skidding along the road, what kind of abrasion damage? 2d? 1d+2? 1d? And how does it interact with DR?

In particular when various PCs may be wearing ballistic polymer / para-aramid vests, DR 1-2 elbow and knee guards designed to resist impacts and abrasion and/or skintight racing leathers / latex bodysuit?

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Basically the same answer as 50 mph, only skidding 4x as far.
And doing twice the abrasion damage in the first second?
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