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Default Re: [Basic] Disadvantage of the week: Absent-Mindedness and Short Attention Span

Since we are here...
Those two disads are part of ADHD, what else you would use to compound it?
I use Absent-Mindedness, Short Attention Span, Impulsiveness, Bad Temper
Maybe Klutz, Laziness , Odious Personal Habit
There things that i don't know how to put.
Bad Temper is just anger but ADHD's have emotional instability (not just with anger)
Laziness is aversion to work, but even this is true a lot of time is not the full picture (ADHD's have less "motivational fuel" so sometimes is more like depression, but not with vital stuff but instead with interesting stuff)
Hyperactivity i really don't know how to put in game
Also, the mitigator don't always work and most of time it's reduces but don't nullify the effects (so to all self control rolls, you would "down" one or two levels, like if is 12 you put as 15)
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