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Originally Posted by Lucian View Post
Another post brought up a fact I knew about but have long forgotten.

Swords can't pierce plate armor.

In reality, never on a cutting attack,
Thrusting, with 2 hands you might only pierce
A few centimeters....
Originally Posted by safisher View Post
SO basically, you've made some absolute statements, which are controversial to say the least, ...

Originally Posted by safisher View Post
Basically none of this is true. You might read Sydney Anglo's work, or check out some of the historical fighting manuals here, where you will find instructions of using poll weapons and axes, etc.:
Sorry just listing some manuals is not the same as saying these manuals say that that axes blades were used to cut through plate. Because ARMA themselves pretty much don't agree with your assessment.

If you could actually cite a specific manual (or later experiment) that actually states that axes (or axe blades on pole arms) were reliably used to chop through proper plate armour as a combat technique, that would be great.

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