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Originally Posted by GodBeastX View Post
Where is the information that says swords don't cut into plate?

I'm not saying I don't believe it, I just never read anything like that before.

I did see this: Which makes it seem like you can't really get through plate.

I'm not looking for debate on validity, just some references to read through.
For a big pile of primary sources covering the topic, try here - - we see how people were taught to fight against armour, which notably didn't include attempts to cut through.

ARMA (Association Renaissance Martial Arts) & also any HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) group will have a fair amount to say about it.

Scholagladiatoria has some videos on the topic, a start is this one -

Mike Loades in Swords & Swordsmen (it was pretty expensive when I got it, however) makes some discussion of using swords against armour, with some variation in different examples but consistently that the method was not to cut through plate.

I hope that helps!
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