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Default Re: The unofficial new units thread

Originally Posted by piningforthefjords
I was at Datapulse the other day and he has alot of Ogres armed with smaller missiles - they are 3/4 I think. Has anyone used these?

The reason I ask is every time I fool around with one of those Ogre point calculators, I end up with an Ogre with alot of missiles. You just can't beat them for their bang for the buck. Smaller missiles might give the Ogre some range yet not be as devestating.

Here's the stats for the two versions of the "Ogre missile launchers" I use, as well as two other types of missiles I've been tinkering with. If anyone tries these out, let me know how they work out for you, as I'd like some feedback on this stuff.

Ogre missile launchers are modified versions of the standard missile launchers, used on Missile Tanks, that have been adapted for use by a Cybertank.

Short Range Missile Launcher - (SRML): Short Range Missile Launchers (SRML) have an attack strength of 2, a range of 3 (6"), a defense of 2, and are worth 8 Victory Points.

Long Range Ogre Missile Launcher (LRML): Long Range Missile Launchers (LRML) have an attack strength of 3, a range of 4 (8"), a defense of 3, and are worth 12 Victory Points.

Extended Range Ogre Missiles (EROM): Extended Range Ogre Missiles were originally developed by the Nihon Empire, for use at the extended ranges they usually engaged targets at. It’s basically a modified version of the standard Ogre missile that gives up a little firepower for increased range. It has an attack strength of 4, a range of 7, and is worth 1 Victory Point for each missile expended. (Yes, I know Henry's feeling on this)

Light Ogre Missile (LOM): During the Last War the tiny nation of Israel didn’t have the financial or natural resources available to the world’s superpowers, so they set out to produce a series of weapon systems that could meet their specific needs, and wouldn't break the state treasury in the process. One such development was the Light Ogre Missile. It was a smaller version of the standard Ogre “Rattler” Missile. It has an attack strength of 4, a range of 5, and a defense of defense of 2. Each missile is worth 1/2 a victory point for each missile expended.

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