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Originally Posted by MadWombat View Post
There is a lot of it going on. Various channels I monitored as a store owner and still keep an eye on have a steady stream of recasters (and a slowly growing group of 3d Printer users) duplicating GW products, historical miniatures, and other miniature games. It has impacted some smaller production houses and is a headache for store owners who want to balance participation and other sales with keeping illicit material that benefits no one in the industry.

Counterfeits are also a problem in CCGs, with a range from crude forgeries to fairly solid printing machines. A customer had collected examples from Magic to use as an educational tool, and it was scary how good some were. It is a reason that WotC (and others) started adding hologram markers to cards.

The board game element is a bit newer, but with games getting so expensive it is seen as the new frontier for malefactors.

Well counterfeit money has existed for a long time too. So we are hardly talking about anything new here.

The online bulk channel for fulfilment seems like the new phenomenon though rather than anything else.

It makes it more difficult to trace back than user XXX9999 sold me garbage I will report them and they will get banned.
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