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Default Re: Deindustrialized World3 22nd Century

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
3e absolutely did doi things differently. Cliffhangers especially is filled with prices in period dollars as the universal Gurps $ hadn't quite been invented yet.
Actually, the universal GURPS $ had been invented:
*"Prices are always listed in $, for convenience but $ can stand for dollar, credit, silver piece, or whatever is appropriate." Classic Basic Set 3e pg 71
*"All prices in GURPS (whatever the game world) are indicated by a dollar sign $ just to make it easy on the writers and typesetters. GMs are welcome to translate this to credits, copper farthings, Martian foomphra or whatever they feel is appropriate to the
" Classic Basic Set 3e pg 189

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
Prices in TLs yet-to-come were in theoretical units where prices were mostly like TL7 but inflation had been done away with.
Actually inflation hasn't been done away as demonstrated how Paut's price increases with TL just like starting wealth does. Heck, Industrial Enchantment is linked to this TL starting wealth.
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