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Default Re: Deindustrialized World3 22nd Century

Originally Posted by Inky View Post
If any TL5+ items that are currently mass-produced in factories are still around in this setting, you might expect them to be more expensive, either because they're now hand-made or, if still factory-made, because the energy costs of running the factory and the costs of the raw materials have got higher.
But a quick glance at the Low-Tech and High-Tech equipment lists in GCS seems to show that the listed GURPS$ prices don't, in fact, change with TL (for items that appear in both, such as blankets, boots, 5-gallon containers, etc.).
It depends on what items you look at and what is in GCS and GCA as that is limited to what from the books was put in.

For example, in Classic: Cliffhangers two types of blankets are given: Blanket, wool ($2) and Blanket, flannel ($0.35) both TL6.

From the 'tech' books:
*Blanket (TL1). For one person: $20 (Low Tech 33)
*Blanket (TL1) (...) $25 (Low Tech 134)
*Blanket, Emergency (TL7) (...) $5 (High Tech 57)

Not only does the price of this item vary depending on type within a TL but between TLs.
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