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I don't know of a list of traps in GURPS (although you could get some good idea looking at Pathfinder or D&D). However, to forget the lethality of a pit to a 7 foot deep pool of water. Given how few PCs put points in swimming and the difficulty of swimming in armor, drowning can be really nasty.
I find it really odd that players do not put points into Swimming because I use water traps a lot. A ten foot drop into a ten feet deep of cold water is a very effective deathtrap, and it is a desperate emergency for the majority of parties. If one of the other members of the party has twenty feet of rope, they might be able to save their party member quickly.

One of my favorite death traps involves a forty foot hallway and two counterweight floors, 20' by 10', that meet in the middle. When the party approaches the middle of the hallway, their weight triggers the counterweight floor that they are on, causing them to slide down into a pool of 10' deep cold water. When their weight is off the counterweight floor, the counterweight floor returns to position, sealing its victims in darkness. Even if they jump to the other floor, they end up activating that counterweight floor with their weight, dropping them into the water and darkness. The pool is supplied with water from an underground stream with an entrance and exit eight feet below the surface of the water.
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