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Originally Posted by escargo View Post
Straight down (depth to be determined). Damage strictly from the fall.
Yup, straight falling damage.

Don't forget to determine if it's hard or soft ground.

Straight down onto a spike. Possible damage from hitting the spike (a lucky fall could miss the spike).
Falling damage turns impaling.

Straight down onto a grid of small spikes. Likely damage from hitting multiple spikes.
See above, but if there were multiple dice, I'd split amongst different random hit locations.

Straight down onto an angled blade. Damage would be like being slashed by a sword.
Falling damage, but half is crushing, half cutting.

Straight down into a greased cone cavity. The player character gets wedged into the constricted space and can't climb out unassisted because of the greased sides.
I'd halve the falling damage. And give the PC a DX or Skill roll to wedge something sideways as they fall, like a staff, shield, or weapon to avoid the wedgie at the bottom.

These are just some examples. Is there a list of such simple traps somewhere?
DFRPG Traps.

And small bunch on this wiki:
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