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Default Low-tech traps

I'm getting ready to start a GURPS campaign set in Britain in 410 C.E.

I anticipate wanting to use traps as obstacles. The Romans were pretty fond of pit traps, based on the fortifications of Hadrian's wall.

What I don't know is what kind of damage I should expect for the traps to do when a player character falls into one.

Some of the possible configurations for pit traps:

Straight down (depth to be determined). Damage strictly from the fall.
Straight down onto a spike. Possible damage from hitting the spike (a lucky fall could miss the spike).
Straight down onto a grid of small spikes. Likely damage from hitting multiple spikes.
Straight down onto an angled blade. Damage would be like being slashed by a sword.
Straight down into a greased cone cavity. The player character gets wedged into the constricted space and can't climb out unassisted because of the greased sides.

These are just some examples. Is there a list of such simple traps somewhere?
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