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Default Session 7 (2019-01-19)

Thoughts on July 6th

This place is huge! We discovered row upon row of residences. It got boring after a while, so after the first couple of dwellings, we didnít bother to search them, and we decided just to get an overview of the area today, and map it out more thoroughly later.

We also found a large vaulted chamber that we think has been a marketplace with adjoining shops. Another vault served as the base for mining operations. Magnar and Kine think that these are diamond mines, but I donít know how they figured that out just by looking at the rocks. We certainly didnít find any diamonds.

Thoughts on July 7th

Since the distances inside this town are so large, we decided to move everything inside, and set up camp near the area weíre going to explore the next day, so when the rest of us went to complete the exploration of the residential area, Olivia started moving some of the smaller rocks to make a path along which the animals can go. We figured that if we emptied the wagon, we would be able to carry it across.

After finishing with the residential area, we went in the other direction from the entrance, and found a series of large caverns with a thick layer of soil on the ground, where we think the inhabitants must have grown their food. There was some kind of moss on the walls giving off a dim light in those rooms. Maybe whatever was grown here didnít need the sunís light to thrive?

We also found an underground lake. Weíve heard that the water down in the mines can be dangerous to drink, but Lady Karita thinks this water is safe. Magnar made a note of it on his map, but we decided not to take the chance unless we have to.

In the afternoon, we went back to move the camp. Practically the first thing Kine did walking across the rocks, was breaking her foot, or at least spraining it badly enough that she canít walk on it. Olivia splinted her leg and said she wouldnít be able to use it for several days. Kine drank a healing potion, but it didnít seem to have much effect.

Since Magnar and I were doing most of the heavy lifting anyway, it didnít matter much that Kine couldnít help with the carrying, but she probably wonít be able to come with us when we go exploring tomorrow. We finished moving early in the evening, so we had some time to kill before going to sleep. I didnít mind that.

Thoughts on July 8th
Kine stayed in camp today, keeping Olivia company. The rest of us found several statues of elves, as well as what looked to be a fortress, complete with portcullises, arrow slits and a courtyard. The fortress area was large and complex, so it took Magnar some time to make his maps. Lady Karita spent the time poking around, and I practiced my acrobatics, since I felt I wouldnít be able to contribute much in either of their activities. I know I should try to learn how to be clever and observant while searching, but I need to practice acrobatics too, if Iím going to be the best in the world at it. Therefore, backflips and cartwheels.

When we finished at the fortress, we found another area of the town where there are actual buildings. Up until now, everything has just been carved out of the rock. Even though many of the buildings have collapsed, Magnar was able to tell that this must have been the finer part of the town, as the structures displayed great craftsmanship, and we found more statues there. We didnít have the time to explore inside any of the buildings before returning to camp.

Thoughts on July 9th

We moved the camp to the area we found yesterday, and Lady Karita, Magnar and I searched the still-standing buildings. There were demon statues in some of them, but we found no treasures. Magnar said that he has come to conclude that there were elves ruling this place, but most of the population were of other races.

Thoughts on July 10th

Olivia and I had the last watch as usual, and when the others started waking up, I slipped into our tent and changed into the leather outfit I had bought earlier. I told Olivia I wanted her to come inside to see something. I congratulated her on her birthday and said I had a matching set for her to try on. When we emerged from the tent some time later, Magnar and Lady Karita had grown tired of waiting, and had gone to explore the ruins. Olivia and I were once again dressed in our regular travel clothes, as the leathers had come off at a certain point during the birthday celebration. They werenít suited for public display anyway.

After breakfast, I went to see if I could find the explorers. Olivia stayed with Kine, whose leg was still in bad shape.

I found Lady Karita and Magnar looking at a hole in the ground, a five-meter-wide shaft going farther down than I was able to see in the light from our two lanterns. I asked if they had figured out the depth of the hole, and they told me they had dropped a rock down and counted six heart beats before it struck bottom. Neither of them wanted to attempt a free climb down, so they asked what I thought. I looked at the shaft wall and saw plenty of tiny handholds, so I figured Iíd be able to descend safely, at least until I started getting tired. Then Iíd either get stuck or fall the rest of the way, and neither alternative was particularly appealing. We decided to mark the location on Magnarís map, and report it as a future quest to be explored.

We explored the rest of the ruins, and Lady Karita found a gold statuette and three gold coins. Magnar suddenly looked pensive, then declared that he wanted to have a second look at one of the buildings we searched yesterday. When we got there, he said that one of the walls was conspicuously thick. I couldnít see it, but Lady Karita soon found a false stone in the wall and revealed a wide hole containing a four-meter length of chain with a small weight on either end.

Magnar stuck his hand inside the hole and pulled out the chain, and suddenly had a creepy feeling that he had triggered a magic trap. He shrugged off the feeling easily, and I gingerly touched the chain. I didnít feel anything, so the trap was probably at the hole. Magnar said it was probably safe now, though, so I stuck my hand in to feel around in there. Nothing happened.

There is also a graveyard-like area near the ruins, and we went there next. We searched all the crypts, finding nothing but a diadem which Magnar put on. Iím not convinced it suits him, and anyway, itís probably better if he keeps his helmet on.

In the evening, we returned to the camp, and I dug out a parcel of fine food I had brought for Oliviaís birthday. Magnar shared some of his exquisite liquor.

Thoughts on July 11th

We moved the camp to the mines after breakfast. Kineís foot has healed now, so today she joined us in exploring the last location here. There were lots of vertical shafts and tiny passages, and Kine and I took care of those while Magnar made maps and Lady Karita looked around for anything interesting in the larger corridors. Lady Karita found an uncut diamond, but other than that, the mines were practically empty. Apart from the rocks that lay strewn all over the place, of course.

Searching the mines took all day, and Magnar said that he wants to take some time tomorrow to look over all his notes and complete the map before we leave.

Thoughts on July 12th

Magnar completed the map. Lady Karita, Kine and I went to search through the ruins again, just in case we had missed something, but we found nothing.
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