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Default Session 6 (2019-01-05)

Thoughts on July 1st
Olivia and I wandered around town with Kine today, while she made her inquiries. Iím sure she found out a lot, but itís all got to do with merchanting, so I didnít quite follow what was going on. But I wasnít there to think, just to be a pretty face to smooth things over in case we encountered someone who was prejudiced against cat people. Everything went well, however, so that wasnít needed, and when the time came, Olivia and I went to the show.

Afterwards, everyone met up for a private dinner and discussion, and we told each other what weíd discovered, except for Magnar, who only admitted to having gathered information. I take that to mean that he failed miserably at what he attempted.

The others wanted to go back to the courthouse again, to look for laws about trade and exports. I would have liked to come with them, but I donít see how I can be of any help. I didnít say it out loud, but even if Olivia had had the necessary skills to contribute, I wouldnít want her involved in a break-in. So, when the others left the inn, Olivia and I attended to our own night-time activities.

Thoughts on July 2nd

Thinking we had nothing to do today before the show, I convinced Olivia to remain in bed. I tried to take things slow, to prolong the experience, but eventually Olivia was exhausted, and she reminded me that I had promised Kine to go to the Merchant Guild to do some sleuthing. I brought a mid-morning meal up to the room, and after weíd eaten, I said good bye and went to make good on my promise.

Everyone at the guild was very helpful, and I was admitted to the office of someone I could consult with, for a fee, of course. As instructed by Kine, I asked why the guild had raised the prices of all the goods they brought into the mines to sell at the inns there. The man refused to tell me, explaining that he couldnít reveal guild secrets. I put on my sad face and asked who could, but he remained adamant, although he waived the consultancy fee. But in his attempts to console me, he inadvertently revealed why the prices had gone up, and I was looking forward to impress the others with my new knowledge, although the reason should have been obvious to us.

After the show, which was the final one, we all regrouped in our private dining room, and I learned that the break-in had been successful. Lady Karita and Kine had found the names of the five only people who are licensed to export natural resources from the Iron Mountains. The law requiring these licenses was written three years ago, and it is possible that it is unconstitutional. The new world colonies are granted much autonomy, but they canít do just as they please.

This afternoon, Lady Karita had found the addresses, races and occupations of the five licensees. No need to send them letters and follow the messengers.

I thought I had done well, but they all laughed when I said the reason why the prices had gone up was so that the Merchant Guild could make more money. I stomped off with Olivia. She had laughed too, but I can never be angry with her. Sheís simply too compassionate and forgiving, and I owe her my life and my sanity.

Thoughts on July 3rd, midday

I went to see the leatherworker, Alfrey Kansh, again. I told him about our investigation, and asked if he knew anything that could help us, but he didnít. His job was only to forward information he received.

Lady Karita talked to an adventurer, a fungoid, who was knowledgeable about laws and legal matters, and she learned a lot from him, including the tidbit that a licensed lawyer could investigate certain matters on our behalf. We need one we can trust, someone with no ties to the nobility or the merchants. Unfortunately for us, the fungoid, who would have been ideal, isnít licensed.

I then went to Hess Yggarson to get paid for the shows. I received 14 gold pieces, which is a lot, but not enough to cover the costs at the Red Mansion. I talked with Olivia about it, and she said that she had felt that we were living above our station, and that she was uncomfortable about it. I donít really have any need for luxury; with clothes on my back, a roof above my head, food on my plate, and her in my life, I donít really need anything else.
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