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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip

I've played in lots of odd campaigns. Sometimes I think we were competing to be odd. Many weren't great successes.

One that springs to mind was a world which was covered in flora that was inedible and outcompeted Earth-style flora. There was no way you could protect a farm from encroachment by the other life. Fortunately there was a truly stupendous creature built like a combine harvester, that would eat the entire forest and what came out the back end was sterilised. So the PCs' culture lived on these things, protecting them from parasites, and planting fast-growing crops like kudzu in its wake.

The first adventure was trying to save a girl from being killed as a witch. She'd discovered cockroaches were still hanging on in the forest and could be eaten. It ended with the players finding a way to steer the creatures and form them into fleets that could support much larger communities. It was successful enough that the players requested a sequel, set a few generations later when fleets of creatures were common and contact was being made with the intelligent life of the dominant life system. That was less successful.

You have travelled far
Through places stranger to us both
Blinking in unaccustomed sunlight

You are not welcome here
So sit among us in our home
We who cannot sit
And have no home
And are also unwelcome

You wish to see our dances?
Have your eyes still not adjusted to the sight of the sky?
Our dance is the endless march
Along the thinnest line
That separates life from extinction
That covers our world

We are the mobumeca
The people of the slug lineage.
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