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Default Re: Adding sub-locations for forearms, thighs and shins

But if you have to hit specifically the thigh or shin, I don't see why not assigning a hit penalty instead of rerolling. It's quicker, simpler and more accurate.

Trust me, without the possibility of targeting specific sub-location you'd probably go mad in one of my campaigns. Considering that the typical foes in the current campaign are professional or semi-professional not completely armored soldiers (example: kettlehat, camail, gambeson, coat of plates including shoulder guards, rerebraces, gauntlets including wrist guards, poleyns, greaves), it would be frustrating for players rolling to casually hit the unarmored or less armored sub-locations of arms and legs they actually want to hit and hoping the casual hit roll is favorable. And, realistically, a professional soldier wouldn't just try to hit the entire leg with his weapon hoping his blow hits where armor is thinner or absent; he'd just aim at gaps or the more vulnerable parts.

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