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Default Col. Joseph Irmintraut and his tacticool weapons

SSG Akeem Nasir has a new boss in his detached service, a full-bird Colonel of Military Intelligence by the name of Joseph Wolfram Irmintraut.

Col. Irmintraut does not wear a Combat Infantryman Badge on his uniform, but he spares no opportunity to expound tactical shooting advice, schedule range time to teach his subordinates proper gun handling using his customised personal SIG-Sauer P226 or plan elaborate war game scenarios where an astonishing range of equipment is direly needed.

He has also used the team's cover as private security contractors to obtain several extremely kitted-out weapons to keep 'for emergencies'. Among those is an ARES Shrike 5.56mm Assault Machine Gun with all the trimmings. He also wants to be able to use 'captured AK magazines' for his weapons, so he packed a high-end tactical AK-variant.

Are there any technical or practical obstacles to getting an AK-type rifle with an RPK receiver and heavy barrel, but in regular (16-inch) AK length?

Col. Irmintraut wanted one with matte black and plastic furnishings, no wood, a folding or collapsible stock* and with P-rails to mount sights, lights and other goodies. The gun will have an Aimpoint collimating sight or similar and a laser/light module like the Insight AN/PEQ-16 IPIM.

He also wants his rifle to be able to mount a Western-made modern grenade launcher, for preference the M320. Is it very difficult to modify the furnishings to allow mounting of the M320 instead of a Russian-made grenade launcher like the GP-25?

If done, would it interfere with the operation of the weapon?

And does mounting a grenade launcher on an AK-type rifle mean that using any kind of bipod is out? I've seen rifles mounting both grenade launchers and bipods (I think I've even seen a grenade launcher and a Grip Pod), but I don't know if it can be done with an AK.

*For preference an adjustable stock with a recoil pad or at least a stock that is in some way more customised and tacticool than a regular AKMS folding stock.
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