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Default Re: [DF] Help with creating a Buddhist cleric and holy warrior

I'm talking about some things related to the Parampara, or Buddhist lineages. You don't understand the passages you're quoting are suitable only once you're stablished in the path, and no one is really stablished in the path without receiving the empowered means.

You're talking and quoting without understanding.
You're talking out your ass. Why do you assume that I don't have empowered means? Because I don't agree with you? Your tone is patronizing and superior. Case in point:

All that you're quoting is extremely basic but correct, however I can't say the same about your understanding of it. The point is once you're really stablished in the path, with the working means, you must follow the teachings.
My personal stance here is to make fictional religions and worlds for Dungeon Fantasy, so you avoid to denaturalize things and imagination flees with more freedom.
I have no idea what that means. Or, rather, it could mean so many things I don't understand what you are trying to say.
I don't believe that.
Why? That sentence doesn't parse on a grammatical level. Do you mean "so as to avoid denaturalizing things so that the imagination flies with more freedom"? My imagination is fleeing for its life! Even if that's what you meant, I still don't understand how one follows from the other. Do you mean that we can make better stuff for DF if we don't impinge on the sacred works of Buddhism?

Returning to the interests of the OP, I'm waiting for these lenses you were speaking in an earlier post. Now I'm not informative but curious.
Normally, I cut people a LOT of slack when I assume that English isn't their native language (twice you used 'stablished' instead of 'established', which, linguistically speaking, is very odd), but then again, those people are not normally condescending to me. From what little sense I can make of the above, I can say that I'm VERY busy right now making new lenses and templates for something else, and that we need to see the Shaman lens before making the Sohei lens. I did in fact notice that you're not especially informative, but I fail to see the connection between those two sentences.

Nevertheless, you seem to regard yourself as some kind of Buddhist - I notice that you didn't say whether or not you are Nichiren. And, according to Rev. Hahn, whom I parrot without understanding:

Do not utter words that can create discord and cause the community to break. Make every effort to reconcile and resolve all conflicts, however small.
I shall discontinue this odd and useless debate in this forum and suggest that you join me in General Chatter for further reconciliation. Nam Myo ho Renge Kyo, dude.

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