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Default Re: [meta] Standardizing Tags

I think that there are systematic problems at the moment concerning the resources-tag, since at the moment there are other tags proposed which are, essentially, subsets of it (like artifacts or roles).

You could, of course, eliminate the subsets and have everything that is counted as a "resource" in the Core Rulebook (like Relics, Artifacts, Servants, Skills etc.) fall under said tag. It would avoid having too many tags around, though it might be confusing, especially to newcomers. And it could mean too much generalization.

The other way would be to eliminate the resources-tag and add every Resource individually, although this meant that you'd have a whole bunch of tags essentially referring to the same "main theme".

I'd go with the first option since I don't mind the generalization too much and think that the "newbies" will get comfortable with it soon.

And what about capitalizing those tags that are capitalized notions in the system (like Resources, CDaU, Superiors etc.)?

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