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Default Re: Dracula Dosier Kickstarter

I went with the dossier and NBA corebook. Once again its more than I want to spend and less than I can. Im pretty happy with the decision.


1. The dossier is probably about 80% done its noticable that a lot more will be done.

2. Dracula Unredacted is presently unavailable.

3. Ive read in a few places that the gumeshoe system is better for thus system than something like GURPS. this is pretty untrue. It is optimised. Getting the setting playbalanced in GURPS and mapping out the abilities would be work, but that might be an advantage. Once uve mapped it to GURPS you can scale up or down easy enough.

4. I like MOS, preparedness and building your contacts as you go along. In fact if I play a game ill probably insist on the PCs being built in play over the first few sessions. 'Yeah, my analyst has 10 in hand to hand, her grand dad was Bruce Lees student! Didnt you know? Shes been intentionally underplaying her martial arts till now'

5. I know im never going to play it. Its too big, too good for most players to appreciate when so much is available thats easier and faster to run. Maybe I could find a group willing to go through in 12 sessions. Some sort of we find out and work out how to track Dracula down in ten easy steps. But the long, multiple time lines campaign with PCs in each era that I would love to play. I cant find a group that would want that. Maybe multiple overlapping groups? That would be neat.
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