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Default Re: Interviewing the Fans #1

Hi all,
I had been GM'ing TFT for a few years, and a new fellow, Andrew, joined us from our school gaming club. He had never played a RPG before, but I explained the how to write up a character and gave him the basics of combat. Then his character walked into a bar ordered a drink and started talking with the other players. They was a rumour of an illegal gargoyle harvesting gang, that the party might take a bounty to stop.

A local bully was making trouble, picking on people and throwing his weight around. Then the bully shoved Andrew's face into his drink and said "Get out of MY chair."

Andrew drew his sword and killed the bully on the spot.

There was a silence, everyone had scrambled back from the spot and Andrew found himself alone in a circle with two dozen men staring at him. "He didn't even have his knife out," someone said. "He killed him," someone else said. Several people had their hands on their knife hilts.

Then the bar patrons cheered, saying they had never liked the bastard, and that he "needed killing", and they were slapping Andrew's character on the back, cheering him and buying him drinks.

Andrew said to me, "I WAS THERE! I could SEE that bar. I was wondering if they would linch me!"

Andrew became a fanatic player of RPG's, and bought everything TFT that Metagaming published.

It was the nicest compliment I had ever got as a GM.

Warm regards, Rick
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