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It takes time to turn money into military assets. How would your corporation buy that time, when it is certain that as soon as they started to prepare a military force to match NATO, they would be publicly known to be a revolutionary organisation and there would be no significant political difficulty in ordering the full force of any country that harbored assets of the company to dismantle it completely?
There is a trait known as Hidden Facilities. Becoming defense contractors, making NATO interested in buying their android units, and activating the secret protocol that allows taking control and would take hundreds of years to decode with modern technologies, for starters. Otherwise place brain implants in a few bioroids, make them stand out in their respective fields to put them in strategic positions, and launch a massive offensive when the time comes. If you need more power, follow the Skynet example (Terminator). You dont need your own weapons of war when you can steal those of the enemy.

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