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Originally Posted by Alonsua View Post
After running a test I hace come with a maximum military budget would be 100.8 billion dollars (before the merger, each company would be worth about 200 billion dollars and able to contribute 25.2 billion dollars to the shared effort), for which NATO would require 403.2 billion dollars for a 50% probability of success, if NATO budget is 1 trillion dollars, the corporation would have a 23.5% of success.
NATO starts with aircraft carriers, stealth bombers and massive infrastructure for war-making already built and prepared, as well as millions of war-fighters, of whom thousands are ready for deployments within hours and tens of thousands within the day.

It takes time to turn money into military assets. How would your corporation buy that time, when it is certain that as soon as they started to prepare a military force to match NATO, they would be publicly known to be a revolutionary organisation and there would be no significant political difficulty in ordering the full force of any country that harbored assets of the company to dismantle it completely?
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