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Default Re: TFT Errata for Hexagram #3

Originally Posted by Steve Plambeck View Post
Such a paragraph, or at least one that comes close for purposes of clarifying Dodge and Defend, once existed Fridge.

This was in Advanced Melee, immediately following the list of options, and also appeared in the first edition of Wizard. Was it left out of the Legacy edition on purpose, or by accident? If by accident, then putting it back in the new Errata might be appropriate. This is the "missing" text:
It is legal to change options AFTER the movement part of the turn, to meet changing conditions. The only requirement is that the figure must not have already moved more than the NEW option allows. If you moved 0 or 1 hex, you may switch to any option you could have taken when the turn began; if you moved your MA or less, you may attack, defend, dodge, or drop; if you moved over your MA you may do nothing else that turn.
It hasn't been left out of LE; it's still there on p102 of ITL at the start of the section on Options. It's also in the new editions of Melee and Wizard. The statement is not exactly as you've written but makes it clear you CAN change options subject to restrictions.

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