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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

This is a character I saw mentioned in passing in a webcomic called Everyday Heroes (which has a number of small-town super-hero types in it). I felt she was the very essence of the C-list small-town super-being.

Cool Hand Lucy

Name: Lucy Van Dorne
Skills/Profession: Small-town police officer, self-defense instructor
Description: Pale blonde with pixie cut, blue eyes, slender, Minnesota accent.
Costume: Pale blue domino mask, short white cape, white body suit with blue cutouts.

Powers: Innate Attack/Fatigue 3 [Contact Agent -30%] (21 pts)
Temperature Control 3 [Reduced Time 3 +60%; Cold Only -50%] (17 pts)
Temperature Tolerance 20 [Cold Only -50%] (10 pts)

(Cool Hand Lucy can lower the temperature around her by 8 degrees per second, lowering it by 60 degrees total. With a touch she can induce hypothermia in a person, incapacitating or knocking out most normal people. She can also withstand unnaturally cold temperatures.)

Lucy has no secret identity but has a masked costume because that's what people expect. She works as a police officer in a county-seat sized community (around 10,000 population), teaches a self-defense course, and does occasional jobs elsewhere. She often protects court witnesses as her powers make her ideally suited to incapacitate unarmed attackers, and she is usually called out when people are lost in winter conditions.
"When you talk about damage radius, even atomic weapons pale before that of an unfettered idiot in a position of power."
- Sam Starfall from the webcomic Freefall

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