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Default GURPS Post-apocalyptic campaign

Now that I’ve got my GMing mojo flowing again, and more than enough free time, I was wondering how many people here would be interested in a GURPS 3ed, long-term campaign set in a post-apocalyptic, nuclear desert adventure where quality metal scrap is god, food is really scarce, working guns are a true symbol of status and there are more people than the world in its current state can sustain which leads to gangs of hungry cannibals roaming the land.

Overall, it would be combat-heavy, with players in full control of the adventure. Possibilities include multiple quests, serving as mercenaries for the local factions or independent settlements, banditry, scavenging, hunting, farming & crafting, trading etc. - pretty much anything you may wish to do in a post-apocalyptic world. I had the pleasure of running possibly about 30 campaigns in this setting so my drawers are full of ideas, and my players have done it all.

I would need about 5-6 players who are willing to commit to a long-term campaign. The official “interest” post can be found here:
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