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Default Engineer in Star Wars RPG

Irish Wolf pointed out something very true. I was asking for ideas on what a scientist could be working on in the Star Wars galaxy. However my list of you-canít are more akin to what an engineer would be working on. Then I guess thatís what I really meant. So that being said I ask. What can an engineer in the Star Wars galaxy be working on?. He works for the canon New Republic.

Things he canít be working on

1.) Dyson sphere- Believe it or not it already exists in SWTOR

2.) Matrioksha Brain- Computers arenít that advanced. (HOWEVER, if you have a genetic Star Wars name for this- I will take it. Matrioksha is Russian nesting dolls and would obviously not be applicable for Star Wars

3.) A Giant Underground City- Sullust has tons of these.

4.) Kransnikov Tube- Would be too much of a gamechanger for travel

5.) Ford-Svaitar mirror- Too much of a gamechanger for travel

6.) Nicoll-Dyson Laser- We already have the Death Star and Starkiller Base

7.) Space elevator- They have those

8.) Shellworld- Waste of time. Plenty of planets to work with

9) Alderton Disk- Too big

10.) Ringworld- Exists on Ringo Vinda

11.) Underwater cities- Plenty of those

12.) Any type of space habitat.

Any ideas?
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