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Default Re: Conversation Rate of G$ To Real World Dollars

Originally Posted by scc View Post
No. That sort of thing is where GURPS Status breaks down, but things like accommodation footage and amount/quality of food don't change with TL, what does change if what level of lifestyle you can afford at a given Status.
Quality of food changes with TL by quite a lot, and reliability of supply changes enormously. At low TLs a bad harvest means that your society has to choose between nobody getting enough and some getting enough/plenty and others starving. At high TLs even in bad years the only reason someone has to have insufficient food is that their society has decided that things should be that way - there's plenty of good food for all.

Originally Posted by scc View Post
Gawk, you're right of course. My point is that most people seem to think that if someone has Status 0, that's all they'll pay for, even if they can afford more.
That's players being miserly, even when their characters would more reasonably be spending money on consumer goods and other comforts at the same rate as their peers (i.e. up to or past the amount their income can support).
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