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Default Base Cost definition for Sorcery spells

In order for a Sorcerer to be able to learn a spell it must be a base cost less than the amount of points in ones empowerment.

The question is as follows, what is the true definition of base cost which is used for comparison purposes? As an example, if haste were to cost 20 points (just an example as I haven't actually set this up yet), given that the default for sorcerer spells is that it lasts 3 minutes, if I wanted to extend the duration and placed a modifier on it (i.e. X% for increased time), does the "base cost" of 20 now increase based on that modifier?

We have various spells built and I am trying to determine whether we should allow modifiers for distance, duration, etc. or whether that would in turn increase the base cost and become too many points in comparison to the empowerment level or whether those modifiers don't change the "base cost".
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