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I'll note that Isfjall, the city/base in Hall of Judgment, sits next to a lake that is supernatural in origin and radiates a stabilizing and civilizing magic. One of the threats from a side quest (which to date has been hella fun to run just as a one-shot on its own) is that this magic is *breaking down* under the influence of Evil Things.

Granted, I stole the idea from Caverntown, but in general having civilized areas be hard for faerie, demons, and other bad guys to get a foothold in makes for an interesting urban/rural dichotomy, AND amps up the threat level when that pool of civilization is threatened, perhaps because some city-dweller that just doesn't understand how important that stability is decides to mess with it.
Ars Mágica has Dominion where the faithful who live in cities and towns are protected by the Divine. Outside of Dominion faerie, the Infernal and magic is more powerful. Ars Mágica probably has the best fantasy set up I have seen so far. Dominion in DF could be from the Divine which is the set of civilized gods that protects the towns and cities from magic and evil.
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