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Originally Posted by bert View Post
Distribution seem to be an issue these days.
Much like the rest of the industry, distributors have had to adapt to survive. Gone are the days when you can order a supplement that came out two years ago and get a copy. I really think some kind of in house print on demand system is the future for a lot of things but rpgs in particular. International shipping and tariffs being the big bugaboos lurking in the shadows. I also wonder if retail 3d printing will be important. It's a bigger investment as you need a number of machines to manage any kind of production speed but you also need to be able to produce a higher resolution product.

I think carrying inventory will be a thing of the past. My own failed business model was to try carrying lines in detail and promote those lines. My intent was to try and find a new business model that would allow for some variety and product depth. The biggest problem I've faced is getting product. Kickstarter really changed the industry in the last six years but what retailer can afford to tie up thousands of dollars to make a retailer level pledge on multiple lines in hope of having product to sell in a year or two?
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