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Default Re: DFRPG momentarily on Board Game Breakfast

Originally Posted by ericbsmith View Post
HoJ is being printed and shipped from the UK, which makes a big difference.
This. Specifically this. The odd thing here was that nearly 30% of HoJ came from "not the USA," which is about twice as high as my usual projects. So international shipping was very high on my mind for this one, as getting a book of roughly 500g mass from the US to "not the US" is anywhere from $16 to $40, with $25-30 being very common.

I found a good fulfillment guy in the UK to ship books printed in the UK - a nice state of affaris - but had the KS done a bit better and we were able to go offset from the Far East, I'd have had to find another partner to help move a few hundred books out, and the rest to me.
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