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Default Re: Car Wars 5e Vehicle Design

Yeah, that's pretty much it.
The extra heavy chassis is standard on all cars with the max load rounded up to the nearest multiple of 100.
All components have a fixed cost/weight (so things like ramplates don't care about how much front armor you have, for example).
I know the 1/3 total space weapon placement rule no longer applies because there's a subcompact with an Anti-Tank Gun and a compact with Blast Cannon in the 5e books. I assume it's 1/2 total space now cuz none of the preconstructed cars are in violation of that. My guess is they changed it because the power plants are smaller and there's more room for weapons.
My theory on why the power plants are smaller is that the cycles were gonna use the same power plants as cars. (Or maybe it's just the advanced fuel cell technology of 2052.)
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