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Exactly. Spells can be book-learnt, but very few talents can, especially in a medieval world. Apprenticing or squiring is one of the only ways to learn certain talents. And one doesn't become a Priest or a Theologian without some participation in religious institutions. Talents shouldn't just be video game unlocks, they should be something players actually have to seek out a teacher for. Even some comparatively minor talents might be hard to learn if there is no one in the region to pass along the knowledge. Seeking out a teacher for a desired skill can be a quest unto itself.
Absolutely agree. Each GM and group can handle it as they like, but removing mention of logical training methods from the book seems unfortunate, especially for the newer players.

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Do you temporarily retire the character while he treks up the mountain to go train with some monks for a few years or do you do training inline with the adventure?
Whatever works and seems best for the game situation, and how important it is for the character to learn the talent. I've done both, with the same characters in the same campaigns, to fit what's going on and what people want to do.
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