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Default Re: What would be the best way to stage a mass battle?

Originally Posted by bluekitsune13 View Post
To simplify things, perhaps they only have one wound each, so they are easy to kill.

Has anyone tried doing something like this before?
Tons of RPGs have stuff like this. Usually called "minions" or "mook rules" or the like.

What I might do is something like...
Mook figures have the same armor and weapon options as any other figure, have the same stats, and act on adjDX as normal.
They are removed from combat as though killed if they take even 1 point of damage that gets through their armor.
Any damage they deal to a non-mook figure is reduced to 1, if it is more than 1 after all other reductions (from armor, etc.) are made. This single point of damage can be doubled or tripled by critical hits.
Groups of up to six identical mooks can (and should) make a single attack if they are all within range of a single target, using the best adjDX of any of the mooks, with each additional mook granting +1 to the DX of the attacking figures.
(Example: If you have six mooks in leather armor with broadswords and they surround a PC, then the one in the PC's rear hex can make an attack with +5 to hit, in addition to the normal bonus for attacking from the rear. This is instead of rolling out six separate attacks.)

I'm not saying this is a *good idea.* It would make the game feel a lot different if the world is made up of scads of mooks who can be mowed down, and a relatively smaller number of serious "named" opponents who are much more dangerous and difficult to defeat. It also makes area-effect damage much more useful.
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