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Default Re: What would be the best way to stage a mass battle?

More Complex Version
Keep track of damage separately for each figure in the HS. Roll the Hero's attacks/damage separately. Roll each of the other figure's attacks/damage separately if you wish. If you don't want to do all of that rolling, roll one attack for all of the "underlings" and multiply the rolled damage by the number of "underlings" still alive. ***EDIT TO ADD*** Deduct Hero damage from Heroes first. Deduct "underling" damage from "underlings" first.

If the Hero dies, promote one of the squad members to "Hero Status" but he keeps his "underling" stats for the rest of the battle. If he survives, you can "upgrade" his stats/skills with the XP earned from the battle. Note that upgrading a Hero automatically upgrades his "underlings" as well. they will have the same skills as the Hero but their stats will always be 1 or 2 points lower.

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