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Default TFT Setting Influences

Thinking back, I recall that the different fantasy RPGs we were playing back in the 80s were usually influenced by the fantasy books that me or my friends were reading at the time. As a result, how I pictured our in-game settings, regardless of what the actual setting details were, was often colored by those other settings.

When I was introduced to TFT, I was reading stuff like Thieves World and Black Company, but the biggest influence on me at the time was Jhereg and the other Vlad Taltos books written by Steven Brust. Obviously, there are many differences between Cidri and the characters, races and setting of Brust's books, but even so the two have remained connected in my mind ever since.

What kind of world setting does everyone else picture when they play TFT? What sources were the primary influences in your games?
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