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Originally Posted by robertsconley View Post
It is far more important to be gamable. And I have found that converting any given RPG price list into silver pieces first and then introducing one's own money system works well and easy to do. The only labor involved is retyping the price list.

And even with my interest in historical currency, I opted in the end to have one really valuable coin, and one common coin. In my case the valuable coin is the Gold Crown worth 320 silver pennies the common coin.

I ran Harn as a setting a few times back in the 80s and unlike in AD&D and other FRPG the relative high value of the crown to the silver penny made players go "ooooh" whenever they found gold.

So I stuck with it even I used my Majestic Wilderlands. When I ran the setting with GURPS, one silver penny was $4 and one gold crown was $1,280
Thank you for proving my point.
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