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Default Re: Help stat Queen Elizabeth of England.

Originally Posted by acrosome View Post
I agree that the Guns skills should generally be Gun Sport or some such. Excepting maybe Pistol, if her training in that was in any way significant at this age (15).

We're talking about spending a lot of time on the skeet range, here, after all.
ER2 (as she has been known to initial herself on dusty shelves) presumably still has access to pistols despite the ban, but I believe the only place you are likely to see her carry one might be hunting for the possible necessity to put down an injured game animal.

The accounts of the 1982 Buckingham break-ins by a self-proclaimed drunken Irishman who lived to tell the tale indicate she didn't keep a gun for self-defence at home, so I would think it would be unlikely for her to carry concealed in public. If there were a known or suspected threat, one of her security detail might have an extra weapon ready to be given to her, but I think her habit of going unarmed is likely encouraged to prevent her life being more at risk from a kidnapping attempt. Recall this was only 3 years after Earl Mountbatten was killed.
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