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Default Re: Ogrezine 2 Now on Kickstarter!

Originally Posted by ColBosch View Post
I'd love to have a scenario book compilation.
I make two. I already have them in PDF [and who knows, maybe collect some of the new stuff that hasn't been in Ogrezine, or even stuff that has, into a Scenario Book 4?], but I'll pay SJG to print one with proper bindings rather than sticking them in school-report sleeves in a 3-ring binder after going through the song and dance at Officemax. No sir, I do not own this copyright. Yes sir, I have a license to print this. No sir, I do not have any other tangible copies. Yes sir, the license is right here. No sir, I'm not sassing you. Yes sir, I'm familiar with the operation of this printer. No sir, I don't have any further questions. Yes sir, I will come to the counter if I do have a question.
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