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Default Re: Inept Adept and Goblin Keep fanzines?

I specifically said that all rights to the articles reverted to the original authors upon publication, so anything not by me you would have to talk to them. (I've kept in contact with a few of these guys.)


Goblin Keep Welcome's You! (Trouble Makers are Hanged) by Kirc M' STih
-- Editorial by Rick Smith

Matt Fraser Letter of Comment (LoC)

Howard Trump LoC

The Demonic Attorney #1 by Ron Pehr

The TFT Gazetteer Volume 1.1 by Michael Taylor
-- Editorial and LoC
-- Weapon Breakage in TFT
-- Ideas for Future Articles
-- Monster Talents
-- Bravery for NPCs

Inept Adept #4 by Rick Smith
-- LoC
-- Dying in TFT by Rick Smith and Steve Perrot
-- Standard Equipment List.
-- The Long Sword in TFT (The Weapon of John Carter of Mars.)

Table of Contents

-- Double Duty (a huge programmed adventure by Howard Trump)
-- The Lost Wells of Mars by Rick Smith and William Blew

Revised Spell List (all of my new spells).

This magazine also included 2 letter sized counter sheets.

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