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Default Re: Presenting the Israeli Golem (unofficial)

Originally Posted by TheAmishStig View Post
Bowed out early because I never got past needing a 'hard sell' with my own idea, but it's been pretty fascinating watching this one develop. You're both coming at it from a position of 'elegant rules', which given the people involved I'd expect no less, yet opposite directions.

One asks "What does it add to the game, except fiddly rules?", the other asks "Does not having it open an exploit?".
And that's why discussions like this are valuable. We're all on the same basic page, we just have different ideas about how to go do it.

Originally Posted by GranitePenguin View Post
I have thought about that a bit in the context of rules text, too. INF don't ride Ogres because they don't feel at ease around them.
5.11.1 It would be physically possible for an Ogre to carry a number of infantry squads equal to its Size minus 3. Unless specifically permitted in a scenario, you will not get the infantry to go along with that idea.
I'd personally feel even less at ease inside one. :-)
Heavy assault carriers are an actual thing, and Israel has deployed several versions, often based on obsolete tanks. Note that it's really only the Combine that has trouble trusting Ogres. PanEurope attaches them directly to conventional combat commands and Nihon treats theirs like celebrities. With training, and from a different cultural mindset, there is really no reason Israel couldn't find troopers willing to ride in a Golem.

Originally Posted by dwalend View Post
LADs and drones might be harder to justify for game balance. I would want to see if they made the map remarkably shorter in smash-the-CP. I *think* they would both be OK - basically an extra ogre missile - so long as the defender got first shot at them if they deployed in-range of the command post.
Those are things I hadn't considered. Perhaps we're at the point where we should start setting up maps and trying things.
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