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Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
Which means that here and elsewhere, people see positivity from me. And because of that, they respond mostly positively, which reinforces my own positivity. I just hope that the DFRPG also comes across as fun and positive, not gloomy, dry, and negative.
Your positivity is infectious on these forums. One of the major perks of GURPS and DFRPG is having such transparent access to the authors and editors on these forums.

As far as the tone of the product goes, you nailed it with DFRPG. At every session with my adult group, I introduce a few new rules that either apply to the beginning of the upcoming session or that clarify situations that we encountered in the previous session. I usually read the text aloud because it is crystal clear, flavorful, and funny. Last time we had a running gag about "killer bunnies and man-eating shrubs" anytime anyone attempted a foraging roll (Exploits, p. 18).

I am personally hoping that another print run happens some day. PDFs are great, but I have a much harder time selling a game to new people when there's no physical product to show off. Last year, a number of my student gamers (at least three that I know of) convinced their parents to take them to our FLGS to buy them copies, including the GM screen. It's much harder to introduce a game to young people with PDFs. As it is, I'm hoping to convince my principal that we should buy a few more endangered boxed sets for this year's activity program.
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