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I have a set of house rules that have been tested during play. Most people I have come in contact with that play TFT have some house rules for their campaigns as well. Sometimes it's the whole that works and not the atomic parts of it. How should we present these to you and possibly the forum members?

Mine are in a very concise 3 page open office document? Some of the individual rule changes and additions might be new to you, some are old stuff that many groups use slightly different versions of, and others might not really be needed at all because of new additions you have already planned for.

You want me to send it over to you, or should I try to "sell" every rule change separately on the forum? Personally, I am not that interested in selling them to people. Everyone like their own babies more, so to speak. I mostly want to make sure you have seen all the versions that are out there before you go to print. :-)
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