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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#39): Daredevil, Luck, Super Luck

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
Sure. There's a passage in Atlas Shrugged about the richest banker in North America being called an "audacious gambler" in a newspaper story. He tells the reporter, "The reason you'll never be rich is that you think what I'm doing is gambling."

But I'm not talking about that behind-the-curtain stuff. I'm talking about the narrative concept "Alice is lucky." The fact that you can use the rules for Luck to build abilities that represent other things isn't relevant; the ordinary use of Luck is to represent a person being "lucky" as a persistent attribute, and it's that ordinary use that jars me.
Well, Captain Jack Sparrow has a few levels of Daredevil (more than just one in my opnion), and probably Luck too (Daredevil is a kind of Luck anyone, so its close enough). Of course, he is highly cinematographic, but it is a fun character and a cool concept; no one TRULY think of him as a "lucky bastard", it just gets people in awe for his stunts. And, all that he do, is just absolutely mundane, nothing inherently "magical" about it.

If you make a char with Luck, you can threath it as a Jack Sparrow sort of type (probably even without being so much cinematographic if you just buy the most basic level of it). However, get Daredevil 5, Rapier Wit, and you ARE Captain Jack Sparrow
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