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Default Re: DF Monsters: A Wizard did It!

This time the enchanter did it (with a critical failure)


A physically wasted and manic looking humanoid clutching a naked sword blade that slowly drips blood from a ruined sword hand.

When an enchanter is making an artifact level sword care extreme care must be taken to not spill blood on the unfinished weapon. In some cases the artifacts desire to be complete can jump along the mystical connection forged by the blood link. When this happens the enchanter is lost.

A highly skilled swordsman opponent whose mind has been usurped by the blade they use.

For that rust monster vibe the Swordman may have the ability to obsorb enchantments from other weapons. This is the artifact trying to finish itself.

A partially complete sword (or other blade weapon) artifact. Needless to say handle with care. . .
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