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Default Re: DF Monsters: A Wizard did It!

The three fold Fog

I tried coming up with a name first this time. This gaseous construct is three continually swirling banks of fog. Each is a different colour and they orbit a central jewel on which the enchantments powering this creation reside.

Many different colours of fog exist, they are set at when each three fold Fog is created. Depending on how the three fold Fog moves it can change what colour is facing an opponent once a round.

Grey - Cloud of blades
White - fear
Red - oily sheen
Orange - fire cloud
Swirly - hypnotic to view
Gold - absorb magic

As this is gurps the next step is a six fold Fog. (Hex)
Alternately add transition sides to the fog that have the same effect as the two sides next to it
Waiting for inspiration to strike......
And spending too much time thinking about farming for RPGs

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