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Malakai Grant; 423 points

Age 53, 2'8", 110 lbs. From the ribcage up a well muscled if slightly
underweight man, just below the rib cage however his body ends.

ST 14 [45] DX 11 [10] Speed 1
IQ 14 [45] HT 11 [10] Move 1
Dodge 3 Parry 8 (Staff)

Strong will - 4 [32]; Magery - 3 [45]; Hard to kill - 5 [25]; Rapid healing
[5]; Disease resistant [5]; High pain threshold [10]; Double jointed [5];
Eidetic memory - 1 [30]; High technology - limitation medical only [10];
Wealth - filthy rich [50]; Status - 3 [15]

No legs [-35] Eunuch [-5] Obsession - Fascination with human and humanoid flesh [-15] Obsession - gaining more medical knowledge [-10] Callous [-5] Hideous appearance - Ritual scars in occult and demonic patterns around his body [-20] Skinny [-5] Self centred [-10] Over confident [-10] Secret - Frequent Grave robber and habitual murder [-30]

When pretending to have legs he moves with an unnatural grace. Sometimes alters his height when people aren't looking. If ever treating a patient hates to have the patient die [-3]

Climbing 15 [4]; Thaumaturgy 20 [5]; Sculpting 14 [16]; Swimming 9 [0];
Blowpipe 14 [24]; Staff 12 [8]; Diagnosis +1TL 20 [8]; First aid +1TL 16
[2]; Herbary +1TL 17 [10]; Physician +1TL 20 [8]; Surgery +1TL 17 [10];
Naturalist 16 [4]; Occultism 17 [4]; Saviour-faire 16 [0]; Disguise 17 [4];
Acting 17 [4]; Poisons +1TL 20 [8];

Native 14 [0] Two other languages [4]

Unless otherwise noted all spells are at 16

---- Body Control
Agonise; Sensitise; Stun; Pain; Spasm; Itch; Alter Visage; Alter Body;
Control Limb; Deathtouch; Wither Limb; Paralyse Limb; Total Paralysis;
Resist Pain; Shape flesh;
---- Communication and Empathy
Sense Foes; Sense Emotion;
---- Elemental Air
Purify Air;
---- Elemental Earth
Seek Earth; Shape Earth;
---- Elemental Fire
Create Fire; Ignite Fire;
---- Elemental Water
Create Water; Purify Water; Seek Water;
---- Food
Monk's Banquet; Cure Starvation; Cure Dehydration; Create Food; Banquet;
Cook; Test Food; Seek Food; Preserve Food; Decay;
---- Healing
Sterilise; Lend Strength; Lend Health; Neutralise Poison; Recover Strength;
Stop Bleeding; Healing - Minor; Healing - Major 16 [2]; Cleansing; Detect
Poison; Halt Ageing 16 [2]; Instant Neutralise Poison 16 [2]; Restoration 16
[2]; Regeneration 16 [2]; Instant Regeneration 16 [2]; Instant Restoration
16 [2]; Stop Spasm
---- Illusion and Creation
Simple Illusion 20 [8]; Complex Illusion; Perfect Illusion; Illusion
Disguise 20 [8]
---- Light and Darkness
Light; Continual Light; Gloom; Darkness
---- Making and Breaking
Shatter 15 [1]; Weaken; Find Weakness
---- Mind Control
Foolishness; Daze; Sleep
---- Movement
Levitation 20 [8]; Apportation; Locksmith; Lockmaster
---- Necromantic
Summon Demon; Summon Spirit; Death Vision; Zombie;
---- Plant
Seek Plant; Identify Plant;
---- Sound

Malakai will posses what ever is appropriate for a wealthy respected citizen
in the world he is in i.e. house, servants, horses etc
He will also have his own private rooms where he learns more about people.
Several power stones and a set of long flowing robes (floor length)

Malakia was a young, talented and very successful healer who was known for doing his all to help save the lives of his patients using both his skills and his magic

He quickly developed a reputation for being the best healer in the land, this in turn led to his recruitment into the army.

During more than a decade in the army Malakai further developed his skills and his magics in the horrific atmosphere of army field hospital.

After leaving the army Malakai became a physician in the capital. He rapidly gained wealth, prestige and skill however he also began to be arrogant in his abilities as a healer.

While he spent the next several years working in the capital he also strove to increase his knowledge of the human body. To this end Malakai began to
dissect human bodies whenever the opportunity arose. He was always cautious and he frequently had to travel out into the desert to find the corpses he was after.

During one of these outings he noticed a larger number of corpses than usual and surmised that a plague was heading towards the capital. Quickly returning
to the city where he knew he would be needed Malakai discovered that the plague had already taken hold in the capital.

Working sixteen and twenty hour days Malakai began to do his all to reduce the ravages of the plague. During the second week that Malakai had been fighting the plague he received a visitor, the kings personal envoy. Malakai
was ordered to the palace where he was brought to the crown prince's bedside to discover the heir to the throne suffering from a very advanced case of the plague.

The king promised Malakai a huge reward if he could save the child, left unspoken however was the threat of what the king would do if Malakai failed.

Even if the threat was not there Malakai's actions would have been the same. In a calm and unhurried manner Malakai began to work using all the skills he
had accumulated over the previous decades. But the young princes condition still deteriorated despite every skill and spell at Malakai's disposal.

Malakai near despair from his lack of success began to use progressively more an more dangerous methods in his attempts to cure the disease. In the end almost all of these also failed but the prince still lived, hanging on by a thread. Malakai then resorted to demonology in an attempt to find a cure. But in his exhausted state he failed to take all the precautions necessary. The demon that appeared was far more powerful than Malakai had
wanted. While the demon saved the child's life, it also exacted a far higher cost than Malakai had any desire to pay. The demon literally tore Malakai in

However Malakai did not die immediately from his injuries, in fact he did not die at all. After being hurled to the ground by the demon Malakai was
confronted by the sight of his own lower body lying next to him. While the demon rampaged through the palace Malakai then began to work as he never
worked before, a spell to seal the wound, a cut to remove the filth, a lifetime's skill coalesced into one series of moments. During this time Malakai managed to save his own life but it came at the cost of every thing
below his ribcage. The sheer extent of his injuries prevented Malakai from using a mere spell to regain his legs.

Seeing Malakai and not believing he could be alive the palace guard threw his body on one of the carts taking away the victims of the plague.

Malakai's incredible will to survive was all that made his return to his deserted home possible. Needless to say these events changed Malakai, he developed an unwholesome fascination with human flesh as well as becoming more obsessed with his skills believing that if could learn enough he could reverse the damage done to himself. Knowing he would be ostracised for his
appearance Malakai left the capital and began to plan his new life.

Using levitation and illusions to conceal his injuries Malakai set up shop in a new city, he now only treated the wealthy ignoring those who could not pay his exorbitant fees. This wealth combined with the additional time at
his disposal provided Malakai with all the opportunities he needed to continue his studies. Kidnapping, grave robbery, murder and worse was
committed in the name of research.

During this time Malakai was apprehended robbing graves as a result he was cursed. In now typical Malakai fashion he quickly sought a solution himself.
To prevent the divine curse Malakai ritually desecrated his own body thus removing it from the deity's reach.

Moving on again to a new city further away Malakai quickly established his place in society as a wealthy healer who treats only those that can afford
his fee. While keeping up this polite and respectable front Malakai continues his research in the shadows

To gain access to flesh living and dead, human and non-human. To keep his secrets, continue his research and to rid himself of his disability.

Modus operandi
Malakai uses servants or minions to bring him the subjects of his research.
He always strives to keep his public face as respectable as possible. If caught out however Malakai will just move on. Unless of course he sees the people responsible as an ongoing threat.

General notes
Malakai suits a background in an Islamic feeling nation to reflect his study of medicine.
Due to missing internal organs Malakai has to use several spells regularly just to stay alive i.e. Cure starvation, Cure dehydration and Neutralise poison.
May use magic prosthetics to replace his legs e.g. the lower half of a skeleton
May have difficulty in a Umana world in which case he needs a high RR

New Spell
Shape flesh (VH) Regular; Resisted by HT
Provides the caster with the ability to shape organic tissue. The effects
are only permanent on dead flesh or on live flesh if the flesh is removed. Any living sculpted flesh remains in the shape it was given for (20 - HT) hours. Sculpting is required for any special effects e.g. alterations in appearance or the creation of pockets. This spell does not provide the fine control that "alter visage" does so it is almost useless for purposes of disguise, it can however be used to make someone look horrific.
Duration: 1 minute
Cost: 10 to cast; 4 to maintain
Time to cast 10 minutes
Prerequisites: 8 body control and 8 healing

Shape flesh is a spell unique to Malakai and as such it is not a refined as spells that are in general use. Malakai uses this spell extensively for a number of purposes including decoration. .
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