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Default Re: Threshold-Limited Magic vs Meditative Magic

I use TLM in my campaign for divine magic/powers and the "Tally" is called "Pride".

Clerics/Paladins accumulate Pride not only by casting spells and some "Saintly powers" such as "Lying on hands" or "Smite evil" but also by doing things the divinity or the creed is not very happy with.

For example, if some wizard PC is always blaspheming against all gods and the cleric cures him, the divinity may "charge" an additional one or two points of pride as a signal that the god is not disallowing the spell but he is also not very happy with it.

By the same reason, the divinity can remove some pride if the cleric behaves in a such way that the god feels he should be rewarded.

The removal of pride cann't be asked / prayed. Just asking to lower the pride is a very proudly act!
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