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Default Threshold-Limited Magic vs Meditative Magic

I'm working on a new fantasy campaign where I wanted Wizards to use Threshold-Limited Magic using the suggested 30 point Threshold and 8 point recovery.

For clerics, I wanted something a bit different, and I've always liked the idea behind Meditative Magic (Fantasy, pp. 161-162), but find that it feels very under powered compared to TLM.

I cleric would have to spend a whole week locked in prayer and get (4 points of energy a day, for 5 days) 20 points of energy to spend. At the same time a Wizard could be casting up to 8 points every day and recover with no issues (assuming they stay below the threshold).

OTOH, there is no limit to the power MM can accumulate, but it still seems like this might make clerics very stingy casters, and wizards doing most of the magic.

Has anyone run a game with both of these in play? How did it work? Any suggestions on MM?

P.S. I don't have Divine Favor. How does that systems work with either/both of these?
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